This page has a selection of testimonials from clients who have commissioned portraits of there beloved companions.

Thank you all for allowing me to immortalise your wonderful animals and your wonderful testimonials.



Prince arrived just 15 minutes after I got home tonight at 6 o'clock!! I presented him to Naomi after tea and she was almost in tears!!! She absolutely loves it!!!!! You have done and incredible job and as someone who knows horses very well Naomi couldn't believe how much of Prince you have captured! She's on the phone now telling her friends and they love it to (Naomi sent a photo of him to them) what else can I say but a BIG THANK YOU!! I will definitely be in touch with you again for other portraits and hopefully a few of our friends will too. Thank you so much for everything you have done to make this a great experience, kindest regards, Dom & Naomi


Sharee - Chris NSW Australia

Thank you so much for Sharee's portrait it brought tears to my eyes it is just so her so her,  I know my daughter will love it as much as I do.



Dommy - Tanya VIC Australia


Hi Catherin,

Well, we had mum over for a birthday dinner last night, so I gave her the portrait and she absolutely adores it! So much so that after she went home, she phoned 10 minutes later to tell me excitedly that she had found the perfect place to hang it. J

Thanks so much.

Kind Regards,

Tanya Meldrum


Webster ( Gr Ch Benshiva Dot Com) - Melissa NSW Australia

Hi Catherin

The portrait arrived safe and sound yesterday. To describe how I felt when we unwrapped it would be useless.  He was sitting at my feet and you've captured him EXACTLY!!!!   Thank you so much once again.

 His portrait is hanging on the wall surrounded by his BIS ribbons and his RU Show Dog of the Year as well!!  I couldn't have asked for a better "retirement" present for him.



Tye ( Grand Champion Nahrof Say No More) - Deborah NSW Australia

Dear Catherin,
Just to let you know that Tye arrived safely at my home approx 30 minutes ago, coincidently Lauren was on the phone with me at the time and waited as unwrapped him.  I could not be happier with the finished
product, you have captured his soul and expresson perfectly.  It was what I hoped and deamed of presenting to Lauren this christmas.  Your portrait is the only present I could think of that would repay her for her generosity of spirit and friendship she has always shown me.

Today Tye hangs on my wall,  I fear little else will be accomplished as he has mesmerized me. Tomorrow he will be presented to Lauren and go home to Dahmoor his home, where he belongs.
 with deepest gratitude,

  Debra Richardson


Po - Alana NSW Australia

 Wow this is going to be the best gift under the tree this year.  The girls are going to

  love it.  Thanks so much



 R66 Commissioned by Siobhan NSW Australia

 Oh Catherin its fabulous. Even better than we could have ever imagined.  Thank you so much. Tim & I love it and so do our friends. 

 Hope to do it again sometime.

Siobhan and Tim


Rita Commissioned by Maria Italy

Dear Catherin:
Today, finally, the portrait of Rita is arrived! It is wonderful! The most important thing is her lovely expression.
Thank you very much and Happy New Year
 Maria Teresa

 Bedyira Commissioned By Erika UK

The painting has arrived, its fabulous, took it to be framed right away,

so should be ready to pick up in a few days.

In haste , Erika

Nova commissioned by Sandy & Mike NSW Australia

You have captured the spirit of Casanova in your portrait. 

 It is a talking point amongst our friends in the dog show world.

Thank you from Sandy & Mike Reeve, Piccino Italian Greyhounds.


Blake - Drawn for Nellie NSW Australia

 Thank you Blakes portrait looks just like him.


Sue - Oscar Commissioned by Gwyn for Sue ACT Australia

Hi, Catherin - I just wanted to thank you for the most amazing drawing of my    Oscar, that Gwyn Wilding organised with you! It is absolutely awesome!! and is hanging in the front room, so all our cattery customers can see him, also - if he's off sleeping somewhere!


 Cindy - Commissioned by Tara NSW Australia

 Hi Catherin,
The portrait is absolutley beautiful, it looks so much like her!! I  can't believe  the      detail!! I am very very happy with the preview!
Can't stop looking at her!!

 Thanks So much  Tara


I need a hug (Scout) Donna - USA

I have been so busy this week I just realized I forgot to let everyone know that I received the beautiful artwork of Scout. 

Catherin you have brought Scout back to life!

 Gail I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful gift.  I will cherish it forever.



Xing Xing and Baci - Jo QLD Australia

I just love this portrait so much and will definately recommend you to others. 


Pip - Commissioned by Hilary NSW Australia

I cant thank you enough for this wonder ful drawing of Pip. You have managed to capture that enquiring expression she had.  thank you so much for everthing.   Hilary

Chilli - Commissioned by Cathy NSW Australia

Chilli was very dear to us and we where just devistated  by her loss.  Catherin has captured her just as we remember her.  Thanks so much



Washington - Winner BIS Runner up Sheltie Nationals 2006

Hi Catherin, love Washington's, portrait, I might be biased, but I think it is your best work,

you would have to be as thrilled with it as we are, thank you so much

 Cheers  Shirley


Maz - Commissioned by Simon ACT Australia.


 Thank you again for the wonderful portrait of Maz, I just love it. Once again thank you for your help. 


Teefer - Commissioned by Leah VIC Australia

 Hi Catherin,

I got the portrait and it is absolutely fantastic, I am blown away at how great it looks. Thank you very much.


Polly - Commissioned by Dilys VIC.

Hi Catherin

 Thank you so much I am so thrilled with her portrait, it is so realistic.  The frame also is perfect it really suits our home.

Thanks again Kind regards


Maggie - Commissioned by Luke NSW.

G'day Catherin

I picked Maggie's portrait up on the weekend and I am thrilled.  You did a fantastic job.
She is hanging in pride of place in my lounge room.

Thanks very much.  I look forward to seeing Maggie in the your gallery.


Grace Winner of Winners 8th Sheltie Nationals 2006 owner Debbie

Hi Catherin,

Grace's portrait looks so real that everytime I look at it I expect her to move. You captured her kind loving nature so well. When you look closer and see her jumping you can see her love of life and fun nature. I will always be so greatful for her picture and the beautiful memory of her winning Winner Of Winners at the Sydney National.

From Debbie & Grace with many thanks.

Devil, Rudy &  Honey commissioned by George for his sisters christmas gift.

Thanks so much they look great.  I know that they will make my sister very happy.


Tyler commissioned by Danielle NSW for her husbands christmas gift.

Hi CatherinTylers portrait is  perfect!!!!  I love it Garry loves the picture of Tyler and is already hanging on the wall.

Thanks heaps.



Comic & Betty commissioned by Trudy NSW Australia

 It looks so much like Comic and Betty when she was younger.  thanks so much


Alby and Shadow commissioned by Amy VIC Australia for her friends 21st birthday present.

Hi Catherin,

 Just letting you know that the portrait arrived safe and sound. Thank you for arranging to get it here in such good time!

 It is beatiful, and the frame is great too - thanks for choosing. I know nicky will love it! Her birthday is on friday, so I'll be giving it to her then. I'm sure she'll want to write to you herself to let you know how much she loves it.

 Thank you for fitting this special gift into your schedual at such short notice!

 Regards,  Amy


Jasper commissioned by Nicol WA Australia (winner of the Best In Trial at the 8th Shetland Sheepdog Nationals).

Hi Catherin,

Just letting you know that the pictures arrived this afternoon in pristine
condition and I've now got them hanging on my wall.

Thank you so much for doing Jaspers portrait, I am just wrapped with it and it
is just beautiful and really captures him.

Take care and many thanks again.



Bently "Ben"  commissioned by Nigel NSW Australia

How fantastic is this!  I am already so pleased with what you have done and Iam yet to see the original. Your talent is amazing and you have captured everything

I wanted... I am so excited as I know that Dale will be thrilled!


The 'grand unveiling' went exceptionally well and both Dale and I are extremely happy with the portrait. You have captured Ben's personality so well and we are amazed at your skills, particularly as you have never met him.

 Again well done and we will both treasure the portrait for a very long time.



Chrissy commissioned by Neil NSW Australia

Catherin I am gettting such fabulous comments about the portrarit of Chrissy

I thought you should know. She looks stunning


RD - Trent Australia

Thanks so much for RD's portrait.  what can I say except Whoa its great.


Truly commissioned by Karen USA

The one thing I wanted was for Catherin to capture Truly's eyes.  I'm amazed at how life like they are. 

Thanks so much.


Jemma Commissioned by Kaylene - QLD Australia

Unfortunately we lost   our best   friend of nearly   15 years in June.   Jema touched the lives of many   of our two legged friends whoalso miss her.   For the last two months we have missed saying our 'good morning little one' but after receiving Catherin's portrait of Jema we now can get up each morning and say good morning once again.   Catherin has captured Jema's whole wonderful unique personality and her true characterics all in one.   Catherin, thank you once again for bringing our little girl to life so that we can enjoy looking at for a very long time.

 Regards, Chris and Kaylene - Queensland