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My name is Catherin McMillan I'm an Australian equine and pet portrait artist

specialising in creating lifelong memories of  pets both past and present for the people who love them.


Its wonderful to see the joy that my animal  portraits  bring to the owners of the many dog, cat, horse or even in some cases bovine portraits I have created over the years.

 Original hand drawn or painted pet or equine portraits capture that extra special something that a photograph tends to miss.

 Thank you to all those who have commissioned me already to create that special memory of their best friends. 


I look forward to creating many more treasured memories for other animal owners.

 Commissions welcome.... payment plan available

 Email Catherin: [email protected]

   mobile: +61 040 161 9884

 All images are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without my permission. 

© Copyright remains with the artist.

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