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Its nice to give people the opportunity to follow a work in progress from photo to finished work of art.

This page will give you just that a step by step progress of a work of art from start to finish. Click on the images to follow

With every work of art its important to step back and take fresh look at the end of each session at the easel.. The way i do this is to take update photos of the painting/drawing then access its progress on the computer.

The computer is a second set of eyes that shows me little details that I may have missed whilst working at the easel.. your eyes tend to become accustomed to what they are seeing so you miss that little detail. eg the edge of a boot or the line on a face 

I hope you enjoy follow the progress on this painting titled "Making Plans"

Commissions welcome..   Payment plan offered..

​email: [email protected]

Phone:  0401619884

All images are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced with out written permission .. copy right remains with the artist.

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